Sasco's Top Ten
Cigarette Thru Quarter $25.00

A genuine U.S. coin is shown to the participant. The amazing novelty is that both sides of the coin can be shown. With a slide of the hand and fingers, a cigarette or pencil is thrust straight through. Coin trick is precision made utilizing latex bands to create this "miracle".

Expanded Half Dollar $25.00           

A genuine Kennedy head shell fitting over a regular half. Also comes as Half-Tail, Quarter-Head, Quarter-Tail, Ike-Dollar, Silver Half Dollar, and Silver Dollar.

Flipper Half Dollar $23.00                         

Expertly matched, this trick can be performed by turning two half dollars into one, or one coin into two, all before the spectator's eyes!

Hopping Half - Sun & Moon $42.00           

This unique trick consists of five gimmicked coins. Using the coins separately, many tricks can be masterfully performed. Used together you can do the fantastic hopping half with the sun and moon.

Lethal Tender $35.00 By: Steve Dusheck Jr.              

WITH GENUINE BICYCLE CARD                            

"Lethal Tender" is a set of coins (half dollar and Chinese coin) with a playing card in a neat plastic case. With these items, fantastic transformations take place: The card is waved over the half dollar and it instantly changes to a Chinese coin! After the trick is done the Chinese coin along with the card and case can be examined.

Scotch & Soda $22.00                                  

A truly majestic coin trick. A 20 centavo copper coin and a half dollar are handed into the closed hands of the spectator. The spectator hands the magician the half dollar. The 20 centavo disappears and in its place a quarter is seen in the other hand. Also available with English penny and Hodini.

Optional equipment: Scotch & Soda Book; Pocket Purse, Video

Shrinking Dime  $12.00 or Dime to Penny $12.00

The greatest simple magic trick of them all! A dime and a penny are placed in the spectator's hand. When the spectator reopens the hand, the dime suddenly disappears and only the penny remains. The Shrinking Dime works the same way but ends with a miniature dime instead. Specify locking or non-locking.

Optional equipment: Dime to Penny Book; Bang Ring

Folding Half Dollar $12.00                          

Used in famous "coin in the bottle" trick

Other folding coins: Quarter, Silver Half Dollar, Nickel, and Penny, Houdini Coin. Available wavy or profile cut.

Optional equipment: Pkg. of rubber bands; Folding Coin Book

Double Headed Quarter $10.00              

You never lose with a double headed coin. Flip coin in air or spin on table; coin will always turn up heads. Double Tail coins also available. Coins made as pennies, nickels, dimes and half dollars also.

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