Sasco's Full Catalogue

1. Folding Coins- Used in the famous "coin in the bottle" trick.
1b. Folding 50 cent piece   $12.00 1g. Sharini 25 cent piece Wavy   $10.00
1c. Folding 25 cent piece   $10.00 1h. Sharini 50 cent piece Wavy   $12.00
1d. Folding 5 cent piece   $7.00 1j. Pkg. of rubber bands   $2.00
1e. Folding 1 cent piece   $7.00 1k. Folding Coin Book   $8.00
1m. Folding Silver 50 cent piece   $35.00

2. Double Headed Coins-You're ALWAYS a winner! You never lose with a double headed coin. Flip coin into air or spin on table; coin will always turn up heads.
2a. Double Head 1 cent piece   $6.00 2d Double Head 25 cent piece   $10.00
2b. Double Head 5 cent piece   $6.00 2e. Double Head 50 cent piece   $12.00
2c. Double Head 10 cent piece   $6.00 2i. Double Head IKE Dollar       $20.00

3. Double Tail Coins-You're also a winner with double tail coins!
3a. Double Tail 1 cent piece   $6.00 3d. Double Tail 25 cent piece   $10.00
3b Double Tail 5 cent piece   $6.00 3e. Double Tail 50 cent piece   $12.00
3c. Double Tail 10 cent piece   $6.00 3i. Double Tail IKE dollar       $20.00

4. Folding "Turnover" Coins-Display one coin and instantly turn it into another with a quick flip of the wrist.
4a. 1 cent piece to 25 cent piece   $11.00 4c. 5 cent piece to 50 cent piece   $12.00
4b. 10 cent piece to 25 cent piece   $11.00 4d. 25 cent piece to 50 cent piece   $13.00

5. Dime To Penny Trick- The greatest simple magic trick of them all! A dime and a penny are shown to the spectator. The dime suddenly disappears and only the penny remains. Specify locking or non-locking.   $12.00

5a. Dime To Penny Book   $6.50

6. Penny To Nickel-Same idea as dime to penny; penny disappears into a nickel. Specify locking or non-locking.   $12.00

7. 21 Cent Trick-Multiple coin trick where 21 cents actually becomes a nickel; or a nickel turns into 21 cents. Specify locking or non-locking.   $18.00

8. Locking 61 Cent Trick-by Jay Howard

61 cents completely disappears leaving only a quarter. Quarter can be examined without flaw. Includes bang ring.   $22.00

9. Locking $1.35 Trick-A dollar and thirty-five cents completely vanishes with only a half dollar remaining. The half dollar can be examined by the spectator. Includes bang ring.   $31.00

10. Locking $2.85 Trick-Same idea as the $1.35 trick only two Eisenhower dollars and eighty-five cents vanish into one Eisenhower dollar. Includes bang ring.   $46.00

11. Scotch & Soda-20 Centavo-A truly majestic coin trick. A 20 centavo copper coin and a half dollar are handed into the closed hands of the spectator. The spectator hands the magician the half dollar. The 20 centavo disappears and in its place a quarter is seen in the other hand.
11a. Scotch & Soda- English Penny   $22.00 11cc. Pocket Purse-2" X 3"   $6.00
11b. Houdini Type   $22.00 11g. Scotch & Soda Book   $7.00
11c. Pocket Purse For Above   $6.00 11h. Scotch & Soda Video   $11.00
11m. Millennium Switch   $20.00

12. Gin & Tonic-An ingenious take-off of the Scotch & Soda trick, but with a quarter and an English copper coin. Includes bang ring.   $18.00

13. Nickel To Penny To Dime-A nickel is placed on a plastic disc and covered. It changes to a penny. The penny is covered and it changes to a dime.   $6.00

14. Magical Block-Hide a real dime in the penny shell, and lay it on the table. Wave the block over the penny without touching it. It will change to a dime.   $3.50

15. Cigarette Thru Quarter-A genuine U.S. coin is shown to the participant. The amazing novelty is that both sides of the coin can be shown. With a slide of the hand and fingers, a cigarette or pencil is thrust straight through. Coin trick is precision made utilizing latex bands to create this "miracle".  $25.00

15a. Cigarette thru 50 cent piece   $27.00

15b. Cigarette thru Gold Dollar   $28.00

16. Flipper Half Dollar-Expertly matched, this trick can be performed by turning two half dollars into one, or one coin into two.   $23.00

16a. Flipper Quarter  $21.00

17. Two Copper & One Silver Transposition 50 Cent Type-A half dollar held in one hand changes place with two large copper coins in the performer's hand. No suspicious moves take place during this transposition while the hands are separated. The technique is repeated immediately. At the end, the magician puts the half dollar in a pocket and the coins change place.NO LONGER AVAILABLE

18. Silver Copper Brass Transposition-Mexican-This magnificent maneuver is just great! One hand holds a Mexican coin and a Chinese coin, in the other hand is placed a half dollar. Close your hand over these two and immediately it becomes the silver half dollar. The Chinese and Mexican coins are now in your other hand. The maneuver is again repeated in the participant's hand and your hands. All coins can be examined at the finale. NO LONGER AVAILABLE IN MEXICAN COIN

18a. English Type   $30.00

18b. Houdini Type   $30.00

19. Hopping Half-Sun And Moon-This unique trick consists of five gimmicked coins. Using the coins separately, many tricks can be masterfully performed. Used together you can do the fantastic hopping half with the sun and moon.   $42.00

19a. With true expanded SASCO Half.   $52.00

20. Hopping Quarter-Earth And Stars   $40.00

20a. With true expanded SASCO Quarter.  $48.00

21. Chinatown Half-Only two coins are used and the Chinese coin changes place with the half dollar.   $22.00

22. Chinese Express Half-A Chinese coin with a hole in center is shown in the outstretched hand with no false moves. The hand is closed. Immediately upon opening, the coin has changed to a 50 cent half. The coin is dropped into the other hand and can be examined.   $22.00

22a. Chinese Express Quarter   $22.00

23. Copper Silver Half-Magician shows two coins, a half dollar and an English penny. He puts the copper in his left hand and the silver in his right. Upon his command, the coins change places. Other effects are possible with this set. Illustrated instructions included.   $11.00

23a. Copper Silver Quarter   $10.00

23b. Copper/Silver Book   $7.00

24. Shell Half With Mating Half- Two halves are shown and mysteriously one vanishes. This trick can also be used for penetration of solid thru solid. Many varied effects can be performed with shelled coins.   $18.00
24a. Quarter   $16.00 24b. English Coins   $16.00
24c. Chinese Coins   $30.00


25. Steel Core Half-A regular magnet concealed in your hand is used with this coin. The coin will "jump" off the table - or off your other hand once it is in contact with the magnet.   $17.00
25a. Steel Core Quarter   $16.00 25b. Steel Core English Coin    $17.00
25c. Steel 1 cent shell   $2.00


27. "Talking" Half-The fabulous seven of hearts half will appear in your hand when you "push" this card from the deck!   $12.00


27a. Talking Quarter   $11.00

28. Living Lady Liberty-By Dayton   $8.00

Lady Liberty comes to life on a Million Dollar Bill!!!

29. Head or Tail Miracle-Aluminum box never misses- You can guess once hidden whether a quarter is heads or tails-every time!  NO LONGER AVAILABLE

29a.  Half Dollar   

30. Hooked Half-A very useful utility item for coin magicians who appreciate the best in professionally made props. "Hooked" consists of a genuine half dollar or quarter with a small but effective little hook permanently attached near the rim of the coin. This enables the Magi to hide the coin virtually anyplace on his clothing until needed during a coin routine. Naturally, this feature is perfect for vanishes too! NOT TO BE USED ON SKIN!   $9.00
30a. Hooked Quarter   $8.50     30b. Hooked IKE Dollar 
30c.Hooked Houdini Coin


31. Spinning Penny Set-A set of coins that you can "call" on a table. Coin will always turn up on the side you want. (Set includes both heads & tails)   $3.50

31a. Spinning Nickel Set   $4.50

32. Quarter Box-Four Piece Set - Made From Solid Brass

A complete four box coin set. The quarters will pass through the box and through your hand. As the box passes through your hand the coins are left behind, the participant will try to put the coins in the box but they will not fit. The magician then drops all the coins inside the box. Coin Magic By Bobo.   $29.00

33. Okito Box-Improved-With Shaved Down Half   $21.00

Half dollars are placed in previously examined coin box. The lid is placed on top covering the coins. Only the coin box is in the hands. The coin box is placed on the back of the hand One by one, the coins drop from the hand, apparently going through the hand as well as the coin box.
33a. Okito Box-Half   $30.00 33c. Okito Box-Dollar   $35.00
33b. Boston Box-Half   $32.00 33d. Boston Box-Dollar   $37.00

33f. Okito Box for Gold Dollar $20.00

34. Hide-A-Way Eisenhower Dollar-This precision made coin will conceal your valuables. With bang ring.   $33.00

37. Incredible Nail 5c   $2.50

37a. Quarter Type   $3.50

37b. Half Dollar Type   $4.00

38. Penny In A Bottle-How did the penny get in the bottle? Complete routine included.   $2.50

38a. Dime In A Bottle   $3.50

38b. Empty Bottle   $2.00

39. Bang Ring For Half-Solid Aluminum   $4.00

39a. Band Ring For Quarter   $3.50

39b. Bang Ring For Eisenhower Dollar   $4.50

39c for penny  $2.50        39d for nickel  $2.50

40. Bill Snatcher-The bill on the floor will "jump" into the air!   $2.00

41. Gold Plated Half-Bright 24k   $8.00

41a. Gold Plated Quarter   $7.00

41b. Gold Plated IKE   $11.00

44. 1943 Steel Pennies-Copper plated. Works great with a magnet GREAT NOVELTY - ALL ORIGINAL 1943 CENTS WERE STEEL!   $3.00

44a. Bulk -100 pieces   $80.00

47. Expanded Half-Head-A genuine Kennedy head shell fitting over a regular half.
47a. Expanded Half-Tail   $25.0047e.Silver Half Dollar-call for current
47b. Expanded Quarter-Head   $25.00  47f.Silver Dollar- call for current price
47c. Expanded Quarter-Tail   $23.0047g. English 1 cent   $25.00
47d. Expanded IKE Dollar   $34.0047h. Gold Dollar   $33.00

48. Chinese Half   $4.00 Brass with Chinese characters
48a. Chinese Quarter   $4.00 48c.Chinese Ike   $8.00
48b. Chinese Half-Deluxe  $7.00  48d. New Chinese Coin half  $8.00

48e New Chinese Dollar $10.00

Black enamel with 4 gold characters

49. Disappearing Coin Case-A coin will change inside magic case.   $4.00

53. Giant Copper Silver-The greatest Copper-Silver of them all! "IKE"DOLLAR SIZE.   $30.00

55. Darwin Coin In Bottle-Contains dime to penny trick, penny in bottle, dime in bottle, empty bottle. Greatest coin in bottle trick ever invented.   $17.00

59. IKE Size Copper Cent   $14.00

59a. Kennedy Size Pure Copper Cent   $9.00

59b. Book for #59   $7.00

62. Penny Size Kennedy 50 Cent Piece-Great on diminishing a regular size Kennedy half.   $4.00

66. Million Dollar Bill-Become an instant millionaire-create your own illusion or use for give-always.   $0.50

66a. Bulk-100 pieces   $45.00

67. English Penny, Coin Only   $3.00

68. Mexican 20 Centavo, Coin Only  NO LONGER AVAILABLE

70. Jumbo Coins-3" Diameter-Pennies, Quarters, Halfs   $4.00
70e. Combo. coin set-Kennedy with Chinese coin + extra coin   $30.00
70cc. Chinese Black & Brass   $32.00 70g. 3" Loon   $15.00
70i.   Book For #70   $7.00

71. Bite Out Quarter-Do you like eating metal?   $8.00

72. Bite Out Half-Same idea as #71.   $10.00

73. Thumb Tip-Basic-Everyone needs one of these. With instructions.   $2.50

75. Midas Spellbound-A beautiful move from Silver to Gold.   $18.00

76. Silver Plated English Penny   $7.00

77. Copper Plated Kennedy Half   $7.00

78. Foreign Exchange-By Len Cooper

Start with 6 pieces of copper and silver coins. (This is not a transposition) Copper English Penny will change to silver and the Kennedy Half will become copper -What a surprise ending!   $35.00

85.Mini Coin Set (6 piece)   $3.50

All your change in miniature. Getting Smaller - Smaller - Smaller.

85a. Mini Coin (any type)   $1.50

88. Karate Coin-A half dollar is tossed into the air, magically you stab your fingers through it!   $18.00

90. Magnetic Half-Just as it sounds. Utility item for many tricks.   $25.00

90a. Magnetic Quarter   $23.00

90b. Steel Shim cards, Use with magnetic coins. $2.00

90c. Steel Shim Bicycle Cards  $7.00

103. The Incredible Shrinking Dime-by Robert Frederico

A dime, penny, nickel, and a quarter are placed in the spectator's hand. The spectator sees all four coins as he closes his hand over them. Upon opening his hand, he finds that the dime is less than half its original size! The magic happens right in the hands of your baffled spectator!   $7.00

104. Squirting Nickel-A real nickel that squirts water. Easy to use and fill. $5.00

116. Lethal Tender-By Steve Dusheck, Jr.   $25.00

"Lethal Tender" is a set of coins (half dollar and Chinese coin) with a playing card in a neat plastic case. With these items, fantastic transformations take place. The card is waved over the half dollar and it instantly changes to a Chinese coin!   

166a. Quarter Size   $23.00

116b. with real Bicycle card   $35.00


128. Prisoner Coin Box-Supreme -A copper coin mysteriously jumps out of the bottom of a brass box.   $40.00

128b. Prisoner Coin Box-Supreme -Houdini escapes from brass box.   $49.50

132. Pencil or Bill Thru 25 cent piece-Spring Type-The original style with spring.   $26.00

132a. Half Dollar Size   $27.00  132b. Gold dollar $29.00

137. Opium Coin Set-by Dayton

Two halves are shown, a cigarette passes thru both of them but the climax is; the halves turn into Chinese coins!   $33.00

137c. Quarter Size   $30.00

149. Triple Transformation-"4 Spectacular Tricks in 1" 3 Half dollars magically transform into Chinese coin, English penny, and a gold half dollar after being placed into an Okito Box.   $52.00

149a. Dollar Type   $82.00  149b JUMBO 3" $135.00

150. Gigantic 41/4" Half Dollar - High Polish-41/2' diameter half dollar-Great for stage magic.   $43.00

150b. 41/4 Chinese Coin - An authentic replica in brass and black.   $43.00 


155. Houdini Coin   $3.50

158. Crackerjack Love -by Dayton   $18.00

159.  Pin-i-tration 25 cent -by Dayton   $9.00

159a. 50 cent   $10.00

160a.  3" Chrome Regular   $16.00

160b. 3" chrome re-edged   $23.00

160c. 3" shell with matching coin   $43.00

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